Privacy Policy

If you was need more information about TOURIST PICTURE Privacy Policy you can ask us by contact us or our accounts in social media:

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 Our visitors in TOURIST PICTURE Privacy Policy we give this document a lot of important because we put the main lines for your privacy.

Dear visitor:

        When you open any internet website like TOURIST PICTURE the server will save some information about your computer as your IP address, Your operating system, Your browser, Websites that you come from it and links you will click.

        Don’t worry dear .. It’s normal, We will use this information to develop the services by intereste of your preferences.

        TOURIST PICTURE TEAM hope to share your opinion with other visitors about information that you will read it, but you must write some information about you.

        TOURIST PICTURE some times will put some links for other websites to give you references or advertisement links, Our team not responsible for their privacy policy.

        TOURIST PICTURE FAMILY will save any information you share it with us by privet contact.

        Our team will not forced you to give us any privet information, if we need information about you, we will ask you it, then you can accept or ignore our request, we will not sell any information about our visitors before ask your accepting .

        Our team save his rights to change this privacy policy any time without ask your accepting.


        We hope to give you good services without any problem, don’t worry of your secret information we will save it.

        We are glad because our family has just got new member.